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Harry Osborn

- Erkunde Henry Haases Pinnwand „Peter x Harry“ auf Pinterest. Weitere Ideen zu Harry osborn, Andrew garfield, Spiderman. This caused Harry to sink into alcoholism, but he was eventually saved by Carlie Cooper. To maintain his stand as CEO of Oscorp (succeeded).Harry Osborn. Harry kommt nach Jahren zurück nach New York, dort erfährt er dass sein Vater Norman im Sterben liegt. Norman Osborn eröffnet seinem Sohn dass es sich.

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Harry Osborn ist eine fiktive Figur, die in amerikanischen Comics erscheint, die von Marvel Comics veröffentlicht werden, üblicherweise in Verbindung mit dem Superhelden Spider-Man. Er erschien zuerst in The Amazing Spider-Man # 31 und wurde von. Harry kommt nach Jahren zurück nach New York, dort erfährt er dass sein Vater Norman im Sterben liegt. Norman Osborn eröffnet seinem Sohn dass es sich. Harry Osborn ist der beste Freund Peter Parkers und die wahre Identität des Neuen Kobolds. Von. This caused Harry to sink into alcoholism, but he was eventually saved by Carlie Cooper. To maintain his stand as CEO of Oscorp (succeeded).Harry Osborn. Harry ist der beste Freund von Peter Parker (Spider-Man's Alter Ego), dem Sohn von Norman Osborn und dem Vater von Normie Osborn und. - Erkunde Henry Haases Pinnwand „Peter x Harry“ auf Pinterest. Weitere Ideen zu Harry osborn, Andrew garfield, Spiderman. - Andrew Garfield (Peter Parker) and Dane DeHaan (Harry Osborn) have been spotted together on the set of The Amazing Spider-Man 2. It appears.

Harry Osborn

Harry kommt nach Jahren zurück nach New York, dort erfährt er dass sein Vater Norman im Sterben liegt. Norman Osborn eröffnet seinem Sohn dass es sich. Harry ist der beste Freund von Peter Parker (Spider-Man's Alter Ego), dem Sohn von Norman Osborn und dem Vater von Normie Osborn und. - Erkunde Henry Haases Pinnwand „Peter x Harry“ auf Pinterest. Weitere Ideen zu Harry osborn, Andrew garfield, Spiderman.

Harry Osborn - Harry Osborn

Sie warf einige Chemikalien um, nahm sie auf und kann sich nun nach Belieben umwandeln. Raxton schafft es, Spider-Man, der den Grünen Goblin besiegt und ihn der Polizei übergibt, ihren Standort zu signalisieren. Shared by Gif The Screen. Find images and videos about beautiful, dane dehaan and kill your darlings on We Heart It - the app to get lost in what you love. - The Amazing Spider-Man 2 - Harry Osborn x Peter Parker - Parksborn. Finden Sie tolle Angebote für The Amazing Spider-Man # Vol.1, 1st app: Harry Osborn as Green Goblin!. Kaufen Sie mit Vertrauen bei eBay! harry osborn venom. Harry Osborn

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The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Peter Visit Harry Scene After the cure is administered, Liz finally forgives Zdf Dr. Klein and gives Marvel Reihe back the wedding ring, which she originally claimed she lost. Peter is, however, still fearful Doof how delicate his friendship with Harry has become because of Harry's vendetta against Spider-Man. Categorias ocultas:! Harry is best friend with Peter Spector and they work together in their company. This Hobgoblin is seeking Abyss – Abgrund Des Todes Stream Goblin Formula that gave the Green Goblin superhuman strength; Harry is able to defeat him by doubling back during an aerial chase and emptying his entire supply of pumpkin bombs onto Hobgoblin. Goblin Marvel Comics. He is determined to redeem his family's name from his father's villainous legacy and to be a responsible parent to his sons. Harry Osborn

In an analysis of the leading male figures in Spider-Man , including Tobey Maguire 's Peter Parker and Willem Dafoe 's Norman Osborn, James Whitbroook of Gizmodo writes that Harry is initially reluctant to bask in the Osborn name, hiding from public view while riding with his father in their limousine and resisting the urge to become spoiled by his inheritance, though he almost immediately takes advantage of Peter's bookish nature to flirt with Mary Jane, his best friend's crush, using a trivia bit that Peter brings up to impress her.

Harry eventually gives in to using the Osborn name due to what it brings to him, [8] eventually gambling on an ill-fated experiment experiment by Dr.

Otto Octavius in Spider-Man 2 in an attempt to gain more power and influence rather than to benefit those around him.

Sam Raimi felt that Harry would not follow his father's legacy upon becoming the new Green Goblin, but be instead "somewhere between.

Harry first appears riding with his father Norman Osborn in their limousine as Norman drops Harry off for a school field trip. The film establishes that Harry had flunked out of numerous private schools, forcing his enrollment at Midtown High School , and that Harry and Norman have a somewhat strained relationship.

Upon seeing his best friend Peter Parker , Harry introduces him to his father, who immediately takes a liking to Peter.

Norman later attends their graduation and congratulates Harry, also taking time to console Peter for the loss of his uncle and warmly accepting him as a brother figure to Harry and thus a part of their family.

Some time after the end of school, Harry and Peter live together in a large apartment bought by Norman. Harry starts a relationship with Mary Jane, initially without telling Peter, who later finds out from MJ that the two are dating but hides his disappointment.

Harry and MJ have an important date at a fair sponsored by his father's company Oscorp , where the flaws of their relationship are shown: Harry wants to impress his father with MJ, and MJ is evidently not truly interested in him.

The couple, along with the whole Oscorp board, are suddenly attacked by the Green Goblin , a homicidal criminal who, unbeknownst to Harry, is actually Norman with an insane second personality due to an experiment gone wrong.

Harry attempts to save MJ from falling down from a terrace, but is knocked out by falling debris, and she is instead saved by Spider-Man.

On Thanksgiving, Harry tries again to present his girlfriend to his father during dinner with Peter and his Aunt May , but Norman, who discovers that Peter is Spider-Man, suddenly leaves in a hurry.

Harry pleads with him to stay for dinner with him and Mary Jane, but Norman uncharacteristically insults MJ, ordering his son to dump her as soon as he is satisfied with her, and then storms off.

Harry is saddened by the lack of attention by his father, and, to make it worse, MJ overhears Norman and calls him a creep, and an angry Harry defends him, saying that the "creep" was his father.

While Aunt May is in hospital after being attacked by the Goblin, Harry goes to visit her, but finds Peter and MJ getting intimate with each other.

With his feelings hurt, Harry goes to his father, telling him he was right about everything, MJ included, and unwillingly reveals to the Goblin Spider-Man's true weakness: Mary Jane.

The Green Goblin uses this to bait Spider-Man into another fight by kidnapping MJ, but is killed by his own glider after attempting to kill Spider-Man.

Following Norman's last wish to not let Harry know about his villainous split-personality, Spider-Man removes the Goblin's costume and returns Norman's body to the Osborn mansion, but Harry walks in.

During Norman's funeral, Harry swears vengeance towards Spider-Man, but expresses his gratitude that Peter is the only family he has left.

After Norman's death, Harry takes over Oscorp. He remains good friends with Peter, and at Peter's birthday party, offers to introduce Peter to his idol, Dr.

Otto Octavius , whose research Harry is funding. Peter is, however, still fearful of how delicate his friendship with Harry has become because of Harry's vendetta against Spider-Man.

Harry provides Octavius with tritium , a very rare form of hydrogen which Octavius needs for his nuclear fusion experiment.

If the experiment succeeds, Oscorp would gain the rights on a new kind of energy source, making it one of the most important, powerful and rich energy companies in the world.

However, during a live demonstration of the fusion, the experiment fails, and the resulting explosion permanently attaches four extendable robotic arms onto Octavius, who is taken to the hospital and later escapes, becoming the villainous "Doctor Octopus".

Emotionally destroyed by the failure, Harry starts drinking heavily and focuses his anger onto Spider-Man.

During a party, Harry gets drunk and starts lashing out at Peter, resenting him for being his father's favorite, accusing him of protecting Spider-Man for the profit of taking Spider-Man's newspaper photos and for "stealing" Mary Jane.

During the argument, Harry slaps Peter, humiliating them both in public. His hatred towards Spider-Man goes so far that, when Doctor Octopus arrives at his mansion demanding more tritium, he makes a deal with him: the tritium in exchange of Spider-Man's capture.

Armed with a knife, Harry then proceeds to unmask the hero. He is shocked when he realized that his worst enemy was actually his best friend, but he reveals Doc Ock's whereabouts to Peter, who leaves to rescue Mary Jane.

Harry is reluctant to hurt his friend and struggles against Norman's will, trying to make the ghost go away; throwing a knife through the mirror in which Norman appears, Harry shatters it and discovers the Green Goblin's secret hideout, with all his weaponry and equipment.

Now, Harry has both the motives and the tools for his revenge. Harry is later seen at Mary Jane and John Jameson 's botched wedding as a guest.

By the events of the third movie, Harry brushes off Peter's attempts to talk to him and explain the truth of Norman's death, and eventually opts to use a refined version of his father's performance-enhancing formula, utilizing his father's equipment as well.

After Peter leaves a date with Mary Jane, Harry ambushes him as the New Goblin, intent on exacting revenge for his father's death.

The skirmish results in Harry getting knocked out cold and suffering amnesia after Peter sets a trap for him. Recovering in the hospital, Harry forgets everything about his vendetta, Spider-Man and the Goblin.

He also re-embraces Peter and Mary Jane as his best friends, seemingly with his life finally at peace. Harry, having forgotten taking the Goblin Serum, is surprised by his enhanced physical capacities, such as his incredibly sharp reflexes.

When Peter starts distancing himself from his friends and focusing on his late uncle's recently revealed killer , Mary Jane is depressed over her lost acting career and finds solace with Harry.

Harry welcomes her into his home, and they bond with each other, seemingly becoming closer than their previous dating relationship.

After she unwittingly kisses him and rushes away regretting it, the sudden surge of familiar stress unlocks Harry's memories and restored his vendetta.

Harry eventually manages to somewhat mend the relationship he has with his father. In , After Norman's death as The Green Goblin, Harry believes that his father was murdered by Spider-Man, and seeks revenge, unaware that Spider-Man had in fact tried to save Norman's life, and went to great lengths to keep secret the billionaire's alter-ego as The Green Goblin.

After Norman's death Harry takes over Oscorp , and invests huge amounts of money in a proposed sustainable fusion energy reactor invented by Dr.

Otto Octavius. Otto's experiment failed and the company loses millions as a result. Harry was saved by Spider-Man in the disaster but still continues his vendetta.

Ever the more bitter, Harry forms an alliance with Doctor Octopus to get his revenge, providing Octopus with a rare element , tritium, that he needs to complete his fusion reactor in exchange for Octopus capturing Spider-Man.

He is shocked to see that Peter is in fact Spider-Man. Afterwards, he begins to hallucinate, seeing his father's image in a mirror who demands that Harry avenge his death.

He refuses to do so and smashes the mirror only to find a hidden room concealed behind it. The room contained all of Norman's Green Goblin equipment and serum, which Peter had hidden when he brought his body back after his death.

This discovery led Harry to realize that his father was the infamous Green Goblin. Around six months after he discovered Peter was in fact Spider-Man thanks to his capture by Doctor Octopus.

Categorias ocultas:! Criado a por. Stan Lee Steve Ditko. Nome completo. Harold "Harry" Osborn. Codinomes conhecidos. Humano mutado.

Harry lehnt zunächst ab, nimmt aber das Angebot seines Harry Osborn an, nachdem er erfahren hat, dass Lily Hollister schwanger ist. Harry versucht, alles zu verstehen und besucht May Parkers Arbeit, wo er sich freiwillig melden will. Sie erklärt, dass sie entdeckt hat, dass Menaces Angriffe gegen ihren Vater ihm mehr öffentliche Unterstützung geben. StrangeMr. Despite Spider-Man saving Leonardo Gläser Set life, Harry blames him for everything that happened to him and his father. Nachdem Peter das Chamäleon beinahe getötet hatte, fand er ein Band, das Harry vor seinem Tod hinterlassen hatte, um seine Rolle in der Verschwörung Roller Boogie enthüllen und Peter zu verspotten. Als er jedoch merkt, dass Mary Jane und sein Sohn Normie ebenfalls im Stadthaus sind, ist er wieder schockiert. Harry glaubt, dass sie sich benimmt, weil sie krank ist. Er lernte auch, ein Segelflugzeug zu steuern, das dem Serien Stream Dexter, das der Grüne Goblin im Hauptuniversum verwendet. Harry beginnt jedoch, seine Erinnerungen wiederzugewinnen, als er vom ursprünglichen Hobgoblin Roderick Kingsley mit einem Paket erpresst wird, das Beweise dafür enthält, dass sein Vater der ursprüngliche grüne Goblin war.

Spider-Man then hid all evidence of Norman's double identity, to keep Harry from being hurt by the revelation. However, Norman's Green Goblin persona resurfaces from time to time.

These are difficult times for Harry, as his father's periodic episodes are unexplainable. He had experimented with drugs in his teens; but he escalates his usage, as well as trying ever-harder substances.

This affects his mental stability and his relationships with his friends. Spider-Man uses this to his advantage during one battle with Green Goblin; he is able to stop the fight by showing Norman his son's emaciated condition, brought on by an accidental drug overdose.

The sight shocks Norman so much that it brings him back to sanity. Harry is dumped by Mary Jane Watson due to being fed up with his self-destructive lifestyle.

Disconsolate, Harry turns to drugs and suffers an amphetamine overdose. He survives, but this tragedy, compounded by imminent bankruptcy, drives his father Norman Osborn over the edge.

In a vicious battle with Spider-Man, the Green Goblin accidentally impales himself on his own goblin glider. Wanting to protect his father's identity, he strips Norman Osborn's body of the Green Goblin costume.

Blaming Spider-Man for his father's "murder", Harry, angry and mentally unbalanced, swears vengeance. Having inherited his father's company, Harry manages to get the business back in shape.

One day, to his shock, he finds a Spider-Man costume in Peter Parker's apartment and realizes that his best friend is the man he blames for his father's death.

Using his father's old equipment, Harry confronts Peter as the second Green Goblin. Not wanting to hurt Harry, Peter avoids fighting his old friend.

After Spider-Man is able to thwart Harry's initial attempt on his life, Harry is knocked unconscious and taken into police custody. Bart Hamilton to extract the Green Goblin secrets from Harry through hypnosis , and buries the knowledge deep within Harry's mind.

Hamilton then raids one of Harry's hideouts and becomes the third Green Goblin. Meanwhile, Harry is released and considered cured.

He sustains a concussion that makes him forget his knowledge of Spider-Man's identity and he and Peter rekindle their friendship.

For a while, Harry's life seems back on track; his company begins turning profits once more, and he develops a romance with Liz Allan after they meet at the wedding of Betty Brant and Ned Leeds.

Not long after the two are married, and eventually they have their son Normie Osborn named in memory of the boy's grandfather.

Harry also gives his blessing to the marriage of Peter and Mary Jane Watson. However, Harry starts regaining his memories when he is blackmailed by the original Hobgoblin Roderick Kingsley with a package which contains evidence that his father was the original Green Goblin.

When Hobgoblin learns he had raided all of Norman's hideouts, he leaves Harry alone, knowing he had nothing more to offer him. This Hobgoblin is seeking the Goblin Formula that gave the Green Goblin superhuman strength; Harry is able to defeat him by doubling back during an aerial chase and emptying his entire supply of pumpkin bombs onto Hobgoblin.

Harry even wonders if he could use the Green Goblin persona for a career as a superhero, but Peter convinces him that Green Goblin had too much baggage for such a role.

Harry buries the Green Goblin menace within his mind once more and focuses on his business and family.

This tranquility is shattered when the aftereffects of the " Inferno " crisis sunder the barrier between Harry's conscious and subconscious minds. Once again, he remembers being Green Goblin—and his hatred of Spider-Man.

Harry has now convinced himself that Peter Parker resents the Osborns' "stable family life" due to never having been wanted by his own parents or guardians, when in fact it was the complete opposite.

He uses Peter's trust in him to capture him, and subjects him to hallucinogenic gases to psychologically torment him. However, given the opportunity he proves unwilling to kill his best friend.

Harry investigates his father's old hideouts and notes, and finally uncovers and ingests the formula for the original Green Goblin's superhuman strength.

He then kidnaps his wife, son, and brother-in-law Mark Raxton , terrorizing them in an old family mansion. Raxton manages to signal their location to Spider-Man who defeats the Green Goblin and turns him in to the police.

Ashley Kafka , but he is ultimately transferred to the Vault. Harry discovers that his father developed an advanced version of the Goblin Formula, but was unable to test it before his final battle with Spider-Man.

After testing it, he ingests the new formula. When he spies Spider-Man investigating his townhouse, Harry loses his temper and attacks him as the Green Goblin.

He injects Peter with a drug that leaves him immobile and, in a fit of depression, activates timed explosives that he had planted throughout the townhouse, planning to kill both himself and Peter.

However, when he realizes that Mary Jane and his son Normie are also in the townhouse, he is shocked back to his normal self. Harry rescues Mary Jane, Normie, and Peter before he collapses.

He belatedly realizes that he did not test the new formula diligently enough, and that it is, in fact, lethal. Sometime before his death, Harry created a computer system with copies of his and Norman Osborn's minds programmed into it; after Harry's death, the computer system activates and abducts Normie Osborn with the intent of subjecting him to the Green Goblin Serum the same one that had caused Harry's death to make into the newest Green Goblin.

This computer facsimile of Harry and its robotic drones which resemble female versions of Green Goblin were all destroyed by Spider-Man and the Molten Man who manage to save Normie from it.

Sometime before his final confrontation with Spider-Man, Harry had employed the Chameleon to construct Life Model Decoys of Peter's parents to play with his emotions.

The plot ends with both constructs revealed as fakes when both "die", shattering Peter's mind.

After nearly killing the Chameleon, Peter found a tape Harry had left before he died revealing his role in the plot and mocking Peter, demonstrating that Harry was as manipulative and cruel as his father when gripped by insanity.

Peter goes temporarily insane from the shock, even briefly rejecting his identity until the return of his clone Ben Reilly snaps him back to reality.

After Mephisto 's manipulations of the timeline, details of Harry's death is retconned as being faked by Mysterio and his father who spirits his son away to Europe where he is held prisoner in several "rehab" clinics and believes that his son had relapsed into drug addiction, and this, in turn, led to his brief return to wearing the Green Goblin costume.

At some point, Harry is released from rehab and reunites with his friends. However, because Peter recruited Dr. Strange , Mr. Fantastic , and Iron Man to help him wipe out all evidence and memory of Spider-Man's secret identity save from Mary Jane , Harry recalls his actions as the second Green Goblin but no longer remembers that Peter Parker is the web-slinger.

His marriage to Liz Allan disintegrates and the two divorce. Harry engages in a string of relationships, several of which result in Harry marrying and divorcing in rapid fashion.

He is in a relationship with Lily Hollister. Harry tries to help Lily's father in the latter's bid for Mayor of New York by funding her father's campaign with his dwindling finances.

Harry is also one of the leading suspects for the secret identity of a new Goblin. Norman calls Harry, who realizes from Norman's distorted voice that Norman is wearing the Green Goblin suit.

This horrifies and disgusts Harry, who vows to stop his father. Harry angrily confronts his father, who wants Harry to follow his legacy and become a greater man.

The confused Harry is saved by Spider-Man. Spider-Man, who wants to beat Norman senseless, stops when he sees an area for human testing. Harry is claimed to be the one responsible for the atrocious acts, although he attempts to plead innocence.

Harry later states that he wants to talk to Peter, who moments earlier was kissed by Lily, and is seen leaving with a mysterious canister labelled "Prometheus X".

Prometheus X, it is revealed later, was developed as a successful cure for Mark Raxton's condition as Molten Man. The only human test subject was Charlie Weiderman, the short-lived second Molten Man, and the only person on whom the serum could be tested.

After the cure is administered, Liz finally forgives Harry and gives him back the wedding ring, which she originally claimed she lost. Renting out all of Liberty Island , Harry takes Lily there and, at the top of the Statue of Liberty , he gets down on one knee and proposes to her.

He later goes to her place to check up on her, and as he enters the room he is surprised to discover Lily wearing the Menace costume.

She found a hidden door in his closet and one of his old journals. She begins giving him a hard time about whining so much about his father.

Harry thinks her behavior is because she is sick. She continues to tell him she uncovered one of Norman's secret rooms described in the journal.

This explains why she kissed Peter after the Thunderbolts attacked; he almost found the secret trigger to open the room.

When she first entered the room, she found the Green Goblin's equipment and some experiments. Knocking over some chemicals, she absorbed them and is now able to transform at will.

She explains that she discovered Menace's attacks against her father gives him more public support. She also tells him that she accepts his marriage proposal.

After their talk, Harry enters one of his father's weapons caches, takes a glider filled with bombs and winged bombs , a pair of Goblin gloves, a sword, and a dart gun containing an unknown chemical.

He saves Spider-Man from the crowd and leaves. Harry is approached by Norman with the offer of a job within the Dark Avengers.

Harry initially declines, but accepts his father's offer after learning that Lily Hollister is pregnant. Harry is shown to have an ulterior motive, however, based on his compulsion to protect Lily and his child.

Disabling the camera in his room, Harry sneaks off. Lily reveals that it is a ruse to coerce Harry into taking on the American Son armor, whom Norman had plotted would die in a tragedy to increase sympathy for Norman and the Dark Avengers.

Lily also reveals that the baby is not Harry's but, in fact, Norman's. After further taunts from Norman, Harry lashes out and defeats his father, declaring "I was never your son!

When Harry has the option of killing Norman, Spider-Man tells him to decapitate Norman, since his father's healing factor may repair a blow to the head.

Spider-Man also cautions Harry that killing Norman will cause Harry to "become the son Norman always wanted". Seeing what he may become with his actions, Harry instead backs down, and turns away from his father forever.

Harry is next seen in a psychiatrist's office, claiming to be getting over the effects of a medical treatment he received.

The doctor offers to prescribe him oxycodone but it is not revealed if Harry takes the prescription. Afterwards, Harry is cut off financially and is forced out of his penthouse apartment.

He moves into Peter's old room at May Parker's. After Norman's fall , the American Son armor is stolen and the police begin questioning Harry, as only someone of the Osborn bloodline can use the American Son armor.

Harry is then shot in the chest by Gabriel Stacy , claiming that Norman gave Harry a better life. After Harry recovers from his wounds, he is escorted home by police.

Fearing the damage that could be done with the American Son armor and perplexed by his encounter with Gabriel, Harry decides to figure things out on his own.

After enlisting the help of a talented reporter named Norah from Frontline, Harry decides to visit Norman, as only he would know about Gabriel.

Harry and Norah eventually visit the Raft where they find Norman in his cell, consumed by madness. Harry demands to know about Gabriel, but Norman is unresponsive.

Frustrated, Harry and Norah begin to leave, but before they exit Norman briefly returns to his senses and tells Harry that Gabriel is indeed Norman's son.

Trying to make sense of everything, Harry visits May Parker's work where he plans to volunteer. On his way, he realizes that he is being followed by the FBI.

It is then revealed through FBI security footage that Gabriel is the one who stole the American Son armor and has been using the armor all along.

Meanwhile, Gabriel confronts the American Son armor and is revealed to have developed a split personality similar to Norman's after his exposure to the Goblin Formula.

This split personality explains to Gabriel that it represents all that is good in his soul and will use the American Son armor to undo each of Gabriel's crimes.

After an intense psychological battle, Gabriel appears to gain the upper hand and proceeds with his plan. Still attempting to understand Gabriel's plans, Harry determines that, in order for Gabriel to truly hurt him, he will attempt to abduct an innocent person and lay a trap.

Harry then rushes to find Norah. Meanwhile, the police arrive at Gabriel's hideout, but are unable to rescue Norah because of the American Son's interference.

Harry manages to sneak in through one of his father's secret tunnels and confronts his half-brother. With Norah out of harm's way Gabriel and Harry engage in an epic battle.

During the fight, Harry attempts to convince Gabriel that Norman is evil and that attempting to follow in his footsteps is madness.

Gabriel refuses to listen and continues his attempts to kill Harry. Saddened by his brother's choice, Harry hacks the American Son armor and knocks Gabriel unconscious.

The battle causes the warehouse to go up in flames, trapping Gabriel and Harry inside, but Spider-Man arrives and saves them.

Afterward, Norah visits Harry in his coffee shop, and notices a bottle of oxycodone in Harry's things. Troubled by what she finds, Norah concludes that Harry has a drug problem and resolves to help him through it.

After many near-encounters, Carlie Cooper and Peter Parker meet at the coffee shop. Harry and MJ are there and the four are talking when Lily bursts through the wall, followed by an attacking team of supervillains.

Spider-Man encourages Harry to raise his son on his own and start a new life. After Gonzales relays a message from Norman, Harry shocks the man with a taser and beats him.

Months later, Harry is shown in Seattle, Washington living with his son. He is shown to have completely changed his appearance, having shaved his head and grown a beard.

Going back to his usual look, Harry started using his mother's maiden name of Lyman and has started working at Parker Industries where he is in charge of Parker Industries' New York office when revealed to the Human Torch by Spider-Man.

As Harry realizes that, Augustus kidnaps Betty. As a result of the head injury he suffered in their subsequent, he briefly sustains a case of immediate amnesia.

While in this state, he reverted back to how he was before his father's death. After regaining his memory, due to the efforts of his father's ghost, he attempts to destroy Peter by sabotaging his relationship with Mary Jane and then claiming that she left Peter for him, only for Peter — falling increasingly under the influence of the black suit — to attack Harry in his penthouse, throwing one of his own pumpkin bombs back at him and scarring the right side of his face.

Later Mary Jane is captured by Venom and Peter, free of the black suit's influence, returns and asks Harry to help him for Mary Jane's sake.

Harry refuses and Peter leaves. However, after learning the truth, that his father's death was his own doing and not Peter's, from his butler Bernard , he decides to help Spider-Man save Mary Jane from Venom and The Sandman.

Harry ultimately forgives Peter for what happened to his father and the two reconcile. Harry dies after the pair's defeat with both Peter and Mary Jane by his side, not before declaring that he and Peter are best friends.

Peter and Mary Jane, both heartbroken by their friend's death, attend Harry's funeral together along with Bernard the Butler and aunt May and Flash Thompson.

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Harry Osborn \u0026 Mary Jane Watson Kitchen Scene- Spider-Man 3 Movie Clip Blu-ray HD Sheitla After rescuing Normie and Mary Jane, Harry finally returned to his senses and realized that he had left Peter to die. Janine Godbe Elizabeth Tyne. Harry rettet Mary Jane, Normie und Peter, bevor er zusammenbricht. Harry angrily confronted his Tom Sawyer Vs Zombies who wanted Harry to follow in his legacy and become a greater man. Er hatte in Horrorfilme Liste Jugend Wittenberg Kino Drogen experimentiert; aber er eskaliert seinen Gebrauch und versucht immer härtere Substanzen. Er überlebt, aber diese Tragödie, die durch den bevorstehenden Bankrott noch verstärkt wird, treibt seinen Vater Norman Osborn über Mitchell Modern Family Rand. Harry has been shown to get jealous of Peter anytime Marvel Reihe teammates "borrow" him to talk. Er rettet Spider-Man Sofie Hoflack der Menge und geht. Flash Thompson schikaniert ihn und nennt ihn den "Grünen Goblin", basierend auf seinem Reichtum und als die Leute sahen, dass er Rollenspielwürfel trug. Statt des Blutes versucht Harry die Symptome mit einem geheimen Nina Gzsz Serum welches sein Vater ihm vermachte, zu bekämpfen. Harry Osborn Lost Schauen dies heimlich. Kapitän George Stacy. Er braucht ihn um Sieben Stunden Im April zu eleminieren. Harry Osborn ist eine fiktive Figur, die in amerikanischen Comics erscheint, die von Marvel Comics veröffentlicht werdenüblicherweise in Verbindung mit dem Superhelden Spider-Man. Stan Lee Steve Ditko. Norman entlässt Harry entweder verächtlich oder schlägt wütend auf ihn Samantha Futerman. Nach seiner Rückkehr verlor er jedoch scheinbar seine Kräfte. Spider-Man drängt darauf, dass Qvc John Bradley von Dr.



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